Saturday, 7 March 2009

About Erin Cawood

I'm a 26 years old Insurance Consultant from Leeds. (I sound fascinating already) Over the years I have... to quote a friend "had too many fingers in too many pies" ... In other words, I love to be busy and I love to try new thrings. But there have been two things in my life that have remained constant... one my love for karaoke and two my love of writing... oh and three ... Paul (oops!)

Originally...? Nottingham, Although I now live and work in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The road to Leeds has been the one less travelled. Until the age of twelve I lived with my Dad in a small town just south of Nottingham. Then I moved to live with my Mum in Barnsley, we moved to Sunny Doncaster, we then moved to beautiful peaceful idealic Alford in Lincolnshire, (I really liked living in Alford) and then to Bright Lights of Blackpool. My mum moved to Leeds, and I stayed in Blackpool with my sister to study. I met Paul in Blackpool, and in the summer of 2000, Paul and I moved to Leeds.

Paul is the single most important person in my life. (although the rest of my family come in at a very close second). He's a professional Landscape & Wildlife Photographer and Writer. We met at a party in November 1999, we shared our first kiss that night and we've been together ever since. Its fast approaching 10 years. Despite the fact that I unleashed my whole immediate family on him in the space of one weekend and he still chose to move to Leeds with me eight months later. If the roles had been reversed I would have made the same choice. I'd follow him around the world, (In fact I keep trying to get him to travel around the world for his photograhpy, just so I can follow him.)

I am one of eleven ... technically I have 4 sisters, 2 stepbrothers from my mum’s side, a stepsister and 3 stepbrothers from my Dad's side... My brothers and sisters have been around that long that I don’t differentiate.... I also have eighteen and a half nieces and nephews.

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